My name is Gail Cole and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Cole Wellness Massage. 

I have been practicing and developing my unique approach to Massage Therapy for over 20 years. I specialize in pain relief, pain management, and structural balance, by combining Neuromuscular Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Reflexology, and other techniques in my sessions. My knowledge of muscular anatomy is the foundation for my intuitive work. 

I believe that each person's body holds the key to their own health and healing. I enjoy working with clients to hear and understand the body's inner wisdom and to assist in the journey toward wellness. 

One of the things I enjoy most about my work is helping people to understand their body. I believe that our body has a profound ability to heal itself, given space and assistance. 

As my philosophy about healing has evolved, my self-identification has also changed. Where once I referred to myself as a Massage Therapist (how I am licensed) or a Healer, I now see my role as Healing Assistant and Spacemaker. The individual I am working with is the Healer and I am available to support the healing process and create space for the healing to occur. 

The space I attempt to create is both physical space within the body and safe space within my office. I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to all who allow me to assist their bodies in healing. 

In Health, 

Gail Cole, LMT